Disabled the email confirmation

Published on 2018-10-05


We are facing some issues with the smtp. So disabling the email confirmation for Registration for some time.

Decreasing the payout amount

Published on 2018-10-02

Sorry to say this guys,

We had paid 0.02 BTC this week and our revenue from ads is negative. If we want to continue btc drizzle, We have to decrease the payout amount.

This is just for a week or two. Also we are in process of adding more games. Please stay with us and enjoy. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Claim Daily bonus 2 times a day

Published on 2018-10-01


Now you can Claim Daily bonus 2 times a day.. :)

Added Daily Bonus of 30 satoshis

Published on 2018-09-29

We have introduced daily bonus for our users.

You have to click on moving ball to get the daily bonus.

Enjoy :)

BTC Drizzle - Bitcoin Rain

Published on 2018-09-19

Hey Folks,

We are migrated from old script to new one.

Now you have more items to earn more ! ! - check games section.

We are offering high payouts for next few days of the launch.

Enjoy :)